Why choose a Biodesign natural pool


There are many characteristics that make Biodesign an innovative product, starting with its limited environmental invasiveness, which allows the pool to fit harmoniously into the context without the use of reinforced concrete. Therefore, the environment is the first beneficiary: the products used, the waterproo_ng as well as the weight of the supporting structure are a true innovation. This is a system designed to create luxury, wellbeing and ambiance simultaneously.



Low maintenance costs

Cut down on maintenance costs with our natural pools

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Quick Installation!

installation times are halved and construction impact is low

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Better aesthetic look

The biodesign natural pool decorates the yard

see the difference!

Beautiful even in winter!

Covering up a pool is not a pleasant site but with a biodesign natural pool your house is beautiful all year round

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You don't have to pay taxes for owning a pool

thanks to our non-invasive technique you simply obtain the permits and you don’t have the risk of incurring in property tax increase.

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Better Living Without Limits

You can furnish your biodesign Natural pool any way you want, like a beach with deckchairs and wellness areas

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Traditional Pool

A traditional concrete pool is sized to withstand the structure’s own loads (about 600 kg per m²) plus the thrust and weight of the water it contains (140 cm water depth = 1400 kg per m²). The thickness and therefore the weight of the structure thus become essential RIGID elements whose overall weight is borne by the ground on which it is installed.

Biodesign Pool

A Biodesign swimming pool bears a very limited structural load (about 70kg per m²) and is NOT subject to any load from the weight of water it contains. In fact, the thrust and weight of the water is transferred entirely to the ground that, thanks to the elasticity of the waterproof liner (+300%), is free to move and settle without any damage to the pool.

Installation time for a 60sqm pool.

Biodesign Pool - 10 Days::
Traditional Swimming Pool - 23 Days: :

4 Workers

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