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If we compare a Biodesign pool to a home environment this is what we obtain:

At the heart of the entire Biodesign project is it’s unique construction process, which provides a hand laid, natural granulated stone and resin nish composed of a structural netting system for strength laid over a highly elastic waterproof liner. The result: solid structural soundness, a long-lasting, highly elastic waterproong far superior than that of traditional swimming pools. In addition they can be realized in a wide range of spectacular colours that only natural stone such as quartz can guarantee, capable of replicating the colours of exotic white sand atolls, the world’s most beautiful beaches, and, in alternative, the green of alpine lakes. The advantages related to the Biodesign technology do not end here. Another strong point much appreciated by our customers is related to the seasonality: pools are often not heated because of the costs of both the plant and it’s operation. The use of the typical home swimming pool is in fact limited to the summer months and a few warmer days outside of the season, remaining unused and often dirty, covered with particularly ugly covers, or completely empty for the rest of the year. Thanks to the patented Biodesign nish in natural stone, and by reducing the cubic wáter capacity of the pool whilst maintaining the water surface área (thanks to the shape of the bed), the water is heated naturally which can signicantly reduce operoperaating cting costs. When it gets really cold, Biodesign pools assume the characteristics of a natural lake, folloollowing the seasonal changes of their surwing the seasonal changes of their surroundings. All of this without maintenance problems, since the filtthe filtthe filtthe filterererering sying systems allow you to remove the fallen leaves from the water in the autumn and they do not suffnot suffer fr not suffer frer from the icom the ice or snow in the winter. It is of no surprise that is of no surprise tha t many of our clients who own and use a Biodesign pool in their own home arare re repeatedly quotedly quot ed when comparing a traditional ‘old style’ pool to a Biodesign pool, as say-ing ing “““OOne is an emptne is an emptne is an empt y room, sad and lifeless, and one is a cleverly furnished room, full of life and wwarmarmarmththth””. A. An outstanding n outstanding n outstanding advantage of the Biodesign technology is that you can achieve such a r esult without the use of an esult without the use of anesult without the use of anesult without the use of an y masonry or reinforced concrete, which are operations not only very invvasivasiv asive te te to the eno the eno the eno the envirvironment and expensive, but also subject to building permits that are not al-wa ayyys easy ts easy ts easy ts easy to obtain.

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