Become a Biodesign retailer


The Biodesign project’s purpose is the large-scale industrial development to spread the BD technology and its brand throughout the world. Thanks to its characteristics, Biodesign is the only technology capable to demolish the aesthetic limitations of the traditional swimming pools and to fit in any garden, creating an unique aquatic environment, tailored to the human needs in perfect harmony with the surroundings. Every house, garden or terrace can be transformed in a new environment, increasing the value of the property, upgrading the surrounding landscape and improving the welfare of the end user.

The competitive advantage inherent in the Biodesign technology makes the pools unique, highly attractive and therefore easy to propose. The business strategy is to introduce the Biodesign advantages to the market. Therefore we decided to develop and set up a structured network of companies that are able to manage all the distribution, installation and maintenance procedures in an efficient and harmonious way. The network will consist of two types of collaboration: BD Master Franchising and BD Professional Unit.

Inside a territory is foreseen the presence of one Master Franchising as the only connection between the Grantor and the network on the territory. The Master is the official and exclusive distributor of all BD products and BD equipment for the supply of his units. The BD Professional Units are the direct interface with the customer. They allow, with their promotion, marketing and sales activities, a widespread presence of the brand in the territory and ensure, with their site management and work execution, the quality of the BD pool and customer satisfaction. The network will be set up as shown below: In order to make sustainable, solid and durative the whole process of production and distribution, the vGrantor has designed a model in which the loss of value related to transport or warehouse surplus stock are reduced.


It is necessary that a Biodesign Unit be familiar with the three main activities and try to increase the profitability of the same maintaining the corresponding value.

The Marketing aspect has a significant importance and should be planned as a
percentage on the sale as much as possible, so as to control the impact of the cost of sales.

The business of buying and reselling the pool kit imparts little value to the
business and cannot contain very high markups otherwise the business loses competitiveness.

The installation of a Biodesign pool is an activity that, more than all the other
activities, imparts skills and value to the product, increasing company profitability.


Il BD Basic Unit è responsabile della promozione, commercializzazione, vendita, installazione (solo sotto supervisione di API Italia) e manutenzione delle piscine Biodesign. È un precursore della BD Professional Unit che permette all’azienda un ingresso più agevole nella collaborazione con Biodesign.


The BD Professional Unit is in charge of the promotion, commercialization, sell, installation and maintenance of the Biodesign pools. It is a specialized dealer that has an area of competence and shall comply with agreed annual objectives. The related contract gives to the BD professional Unit the necessary time and security to invest in and to master deeply the technology.

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