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Api Italia Srl was founded in 1980 by Franco Milani who still heads up the company today as its Honorary Chairman.
In 1996, at the age of 23 Alessandro Milani, current Managing Director and owner of API Italia Srl, graduated from the University of Padua with a degree in Political Sciences – specialising in Economics.
1996 saw him embark on a period of personal and professional development beginning in the area of social work, where he worked for one year. He then joined his father’s business, which gave him experience in all departments including; technical, design and installation. He then focused his attention on the business development of the company.

Thanks to this period of technical and commercial training in the sectors of professional irrigation, fountains and monumental lakes, Alessandro was able to come up with the technology of Biodesign construction that combined the environmental, aesthetic and industrial benefits of lakes with those of swimming pools. It was this vision matched by his resolve to see this new technology expand that lead to the formation and presentation of important patents that are innovating the swimming pool market.
In 2011 Alessandro Milani devised a development model for the Biodesign technology, based on the ethic of the industrialization of processes, which seeks to eliminate the losses in value of any activities associated with the product/technology.

November 2012 saw the launch of this innovative model of Business Development that has the goal of creating an international network that gives value to the product, deriving profit from the expertise that each individual unit can contribute. It is for these reasons that the Biodesign industrial development model will be capable of guaranteeing sound and enduring profits for those involved in the network.

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The company

Api Italia is a market leader operating for more than thirty years in the sector of the management of water for aesthetic, recreational and irrigational use (artificial lakes, fountains, water games, biological water treatments and professional underground irrigation systems). Api began trading in Milan, Italy in 1980 and focused principally on the design and construction of irrigation systems for golf courses and public parks, designing systems for over thirty courses and the largest public parks in Italy. In the early nineties, together with its technological partners, it introduced centralised remote operation systems for the management of all the municipality’s green spaces onto the Italian market. It developed and produced intelligent programmers capable of operating all technologies associated with gardens, irrigation, lights, fountains and swimming pools and designed many of the most important public fountains built in Italy. In 1995 it obtained the exclusive licence for OASE products (monumental fountains and lakes).

The acquired know-how on lakes and swimming pools with phyto-depuration made it possible, in 2007, to invent a technology capable of transferring the environmental and aesthetic benefits of lakes to the world of swimming pools, adding value to the product through personalisation and by improving the overall usability of the swimming space. In 2010 Biodesign Pools became Api’s core business and it received approval for two international patents that offer important advances with respect to the traditional technologies for pool construction, reducing the impact of construction techniques on the environment whilst at the same ensuring technical and financial benefits for its clients. In addition Api has acquired important expertise in the field of water treatment from external experts and have transferred this to its partners through numerous training courses. In line with the low environmental impact philosophy of the technology of construction also the water treatment is viewed as a science geared towards reducing the negative effects of common sterilizing agents on bathers and the environment.

In 2011 the International Swimming Pool Trade Show in Barcelona, acknowledged the Biodesign technology as the most sustainable and environmentally friendly product in the entire swimming pool sector. Thanks to its internal expertise, its relentless pursuit of the most advanced and reliable technologies and its own exclusive patents, Api Italia brought about a technological turning point in the swimming pool market which, until then, had been dominated by the construction of pools with cumbersome structures and box-like shapes. As a result it opened the way towards an exponential worldwide expansion.

Business activity

Api Italia specialises in the design and creation of Biodesign swimming pools a cutting edge business that has resulted in profound innovations in the swimming pool market. Api Italia provides a «global project» service that goes from the design of the pool and the consultation service right through to its creation by certified and approved companies that guarantee the quality of the installation.
The pool’s final layout, along with all details, the sections and plans for the excavation, the instructions for the installation of hydraulic and lighting systems and all other specifications are prepared in-house. A list of the essential items required for the construction of the pool is also prepared. Once all of the component parts have been established they are packaged in kit form, in some cases pre-assembled, and then shipped to the site where the pool is to be built, thus eliminating a variety of complications, reducing installation times and the loss of value of the products stored in warehouses around the globe. Thanks to Biodesign the swimming pool is transformed into a living and recreational area specifically designed to satisfy the swimming needs of the client that at the same time blends in with the surrounding landscape. Biodesign is strongly committed to the field of Research and Development and have already formulated major technological innovations that will increase the potential of the entire development project. These developments are thanks to a team of the highest calibre and some sizeable financial investments.

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